Wind Rated Garage Doors

In high wind and cyclonic areas, it’s sometimes necessary to engineer your garage or industrial door a little differently to ensure it withstands the particular stresses it may be subject to. Steel-Line cyclone garage doors are ideal for use in homes, sheds, commercial and industrial warehouses in high wind prone areas.

The National Construction Code (NCC) 2013 – Housing Provisions (Building Code of Australia Volume 2) includes a reference for garage and large access doors for Region C and Region D to comply with AS/NZS 4505 – 2012 ” garage doors and other large access doors”. This came into effect on 1st May 2013.

Steel-Line Garage Doors has re-engineered our wind rated garage doors and had them tested at the James Cook University against the wind loading requirements as laid out in the updated AS/NZS 4505-2012.

Strut-Lock Wind Rated Sectional Garage Doors

The Strut-Lock door is post free, incorporating the use of heavy duty struts, robust commercial hinges, top brackets in combination with a unique stile reinforcement to provide maximum resistance to forces exerted by cyclonic and high winds.

Wind Brace Sectional Garage Doors

The Steel-Line Wind Brace system incorporates the use of removable steel wind brace post(s) that is installed to the garage door once a cyclone warning is received. It takes about 2-5 minutes to install, and no tools are required.

The door construction incorporates a number of significantly enhanced items, which still ensures a smooth door operation. However, when used in combination with the removable wind brace posts, it enables your sectional garage door to withstand high force wind conditions and dramatically reduces the potential for the garage door to sustain damage and blow in or blow out event.

Next Generation C-Rated Roller Doors

The next generation C-Rated roller door has successfully passed the wind pressure rating requirements for C1, C2, C3 and C4. The independently tested wind clip and windlock guide system allows the doors to be specified for a maximum C2 wind rating at 5500mm and C3 and C4 ratings at narrower widths.

Major Improvements and New Features

  • Lightweight
    The new unique windlock system design allows for the removal of the windlock bars, on wider doors, from the next generation C-Rated roller doors providing a door weight reduction of nearly 30% for our largest door. This improvement makes it significantly more manageable to transport and install.
  • Aesthetically Appealing
    Made from structural grade aluminium, the new roller door guide has a smooth silver finish to compliment the inside of your garage or shed.
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation
    The shape of the lead-in ensures that every door enters the guides easily and quietly.
  • Effortless Installation
    The new 3-piece guide system is available for both N-Rated and C-Rated roller doors. The aluminium guide, nylon lead-in and stop assembly provides a reduction in overall size and weight. These two attributes will make the install process a breeze while maintaining structural integrity.
  • Independently Tested
    The patented N-Rated roller doors have been independently tested and comply with the requirements of N1-N4 ratings in regions A and B.
  • Consistent Profile
    The next generation N-Rated and C-Rated roller doors are products of evolution. The consistent profile ensures all the products have a similar look and are able to use standard components.
  • Wider Doors and Less Headroom Requirement
    The tested wind clip and windlock guide system allows the roller doors to achieve a maximum C2 wind rating at 5500mm and requires less headroom.
  • Additional Feature
    The new aluminium guide can be fitted with an optional brush seal, adding a level of protection against smoke, draughts, salt, light, dust, insects and bushfire embers.

Windlock Clip

Windlock Guide