The Benefits of Our Polycarbonate Multiwall Garage Doors

These doors merge excellent sturdiness with striking good looks, providing your home with an attractive façade and steadfast protection from the elements. This product also comes in a variety of fantastic colours, which makes it easy for you to select a polycarbonate multiwall garage door that matches your existing exterior. Scroll down to browse the range of insert and frame colours available.

Our polycarbonate multiwall garage doors feature impressive impact resistance, with:

  • Outstanding impact performance over a wide temperature range, -40°C to +120°C
  • Impact strength 250 times higher than glass.

In a country like Australia, where temperatures and weather conditions can be extreme at any time of the year, having a reliable garage door is essential. A Steel-Line polycarbonate multiwall garage door has two sides of UV resistance, which provides:

  • Greater design flexibility
  • Superior resistance to outdoor weathering
  • Finger proof safety
  • Extra protection for your family and your belongings

With all these advantages, it’s easy to see why this type of garage door is quickly gaining popularity amongst homeowners throughout Australia.

Other Features

Polycarbonate multiwall garage doors have excellent energy efficiency. The multiwall construction enables air to get trapped between each layer, which leads to outstanding thermal insulation. This natural insulation could save you from having to turn your car’s air conditioning or heating to full blast before leaving home in the morning!

These models are also incredibly lightweight despite their strength. An outstanding balance of low weight and high stiffness is what enables us to design lightweight structures with greater spans. This is just another example of how Steel-Line combines high-quality materials with innovative construction techniques to deliver the best possible products for our customers.

Standard Insert Colours

Standard Frame Colours