Aluminium Bar Treadplate Garage Doors

Are you looking for a garage door that is practical and stylish? Aluminium bar treadplate garage doors allow you to create a design that meets your needs in regards to both function and appearance.

We give you the opportunity to take your home’s style and architecture into consideration and then choose a frame colour and insert that best suits the look you want, customising a personalised design that is unique to you. This delivers an end result that complements your home’s overall style and feel.

Finger Proof Safety

Not only do aluminium bar treadplate garage doors offer a stylish and contemporary aesthetic; they also provide added safety for your family. With a curved finger-proof joint, their unique design prevents serious injury that can occur when operating garage doors.

We also give you the option to install a photo eye beam sensor for further safety and security. With these added safety features, you can rest assured that your stunning new garage door is a great fit for your family.

A Perfect Match

These models are custom-made to suit your home, which means we can help you complement your home’s style and architecture in order to achieve a seamless exterior aesthetic.

With the choice of an endless selection of colours and materials, including the option to custom-make something just for you, designing a garage door that suits your home has never been easier – or more fun!

Aluminium Bar Treadplate Inserts

Our aluminium bar treadplate inserts are made from aluminium 1.6mm 5 bar treadplates. The standard silver colour creates a unique industrial look.

Get Creative with Colour

Enjoy the freedom to get creative with a huge range of striking Dulux Colorbond® colours to choose for your aluminium door frame. Whether you love the look of classic neutrals or are after a bold and modern appearance, Colorbond® has the perfect option for you. From soft Classic Cream® and moody Woodland Grey® to vibrant Cottage Green® and rich Manor Red®, there is a colour to suit everyone and every home.

The Safe and Stylish Choice

Our aluminium bar tread plate garage doors are a popular choice for many reasons. With this design, you can expect:
• Safety features to protect you and your family from injury
• A personalised design to suit your home’s unique style
• A wide range of Dulux Colorbond® colours for your aluminium garage door frame