Aluminium Composite Garage Doors

We understand that every house – and every homeowner – is different. This is why we’re dedicated to providing such a wide and diverse range of garage door options for customers throughout Australia.

The Benefits of Aluminium Composite

There are several advantages that make aluminium composite garage doors a great choice for many Australian homes. These products are:

• Lightweight
• Weather-resistant
• Vibration-absorbent
• Negative rebate
• Achieve a maximum C3 wind rating for wind regions C and D in Australia
• Available in either an aluminium-framed or face-fixed design.

Despite being conveniently lightweight, these inserts certainly aren’t pushovers. They have impressive durability and strength, which makes them well suited to bearing the tough conditions of Australian weather. They’re also vibration-absorbent, which is nice.

As these products can be installed either with aluminium frames or no frames at all, you can choose the style that best suits your preferences. Unsure about whether framed or frameless is more appropriate for your house? Simply get in touch with our garage experts to discuss the pros and cons with a professional.

The Perfect Colour Combination

Both aluminium composite inserts and frames are available in a variety of attractive colours. You can easily choose a hue that blends in seamlessly with you current décor. Alternatively, you might select a standout shade to turn your garage door into a statement piece for your home. The choice is yours with insert colours including:

If you decide on an aluminium-framed design, you’ll also be able to select a frame colour to complement your chosen inserts. There are plenty of options here, including: