Aluminium Bottom Rail & Garage Door Seal

Every Steel-Line garage door is fitted with a sturdy heavy duty rustproof aluminium bottom rail. The aluminium rail comes with a standard weather seal or a brush seal (extra option).

Weather Seals

Weather seal is a standard feature for our garage doors. The benefits of weather seal include:

  • Flexible vinyl conforms to uneven floors
  • UV-stabilized for long-lasting service
  • The bulb-type design ensures the weather seal seamlessly sits on the floor without twisting, so you can trust that the precious contents of your garage are protected at all times.
  • Prevent dust, leaves, and rodents from entering your garage
  • Creates a revitalizing look to the bottom of any door

Nylon Brush Seals (extra option)

Our nylon brush seal is rated as UL94-V2 and is suitable for use as ember protection and sealing garage doors as per AS3959. The benefits of brush seal include:

Protect against smoke, draughts, salt, light, dust, insects and bushfire embers
If you live in a coastal or bushfire area, you can prevent salt and dust from entering your garage by installing brush seals surrounding the garage door.