Garage Doors for Safety

For many years Steel-Line has set the benchmark for style and quality throughout the Australian garage door industry.

Most Steel-Line sectional garage doors can be automated for ease of use. As a market leader in safety and innovation, all of our automatic door openers come with a range of safety features. The standard Auto Reverse System causes the garage door to immediately stop and reverse when it comes into contact with an object, while the optional Photo Eye feature automatically reverses the closing door if its electronic beam senses an obstruction. Furthermore, to ensure smoothness of operation and one of the quietest garage door mechanisms available, Steel-Line uses specially designed composite nylon and steel hinges.

Finger Proof Safety

Steel-Line’s Finger Proof Safety feature in all our sectional garage doors is an award winning design in the Best New Building Product category.

Each panel’s specially designed curved edges protect fingers from becoming trapped in the folding sections of the doors as they open or close. This panel joint not only safeguards your family against injury, it also seals out the weather that can penetrate conventional garage doors.

Auto-Reverse System

For added safety, each installation comes with this automated feature that causes the garage door to stop and reverse when it comes into contact with an object.

Photo Eye

For added safety, this allows the garage door to automatically reverse when its sensor light beam is broken by an obstruction, helping to protect your family from injury and your car from the damage caused by contact.